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What Our Members Are Saying

John Varcho - Don't put off trying out the intro class while you 'get in shape for CrossFit.' I spent a couple of months trying to do this, only to be humbled by my very first workout. I wish I would have spent those months training more effectively at Buckeye!

Jason Bryant - There is a new challenge everyday and everyone supports you to do your best.

John Varcho - Even though I had been lifting for a couple of years, I was stuck - I wanted to see if CrossFit could help me get stronger and in better shape.

Chris Manusakis - I've learned that I am capable of doing more than I ever thought I could.

April Chaplin - I have learned how to push myself to go faster or get one more rep.

Aaron - I've learned that if I spend a few minutes at buckeye each week, every part of my life improves. Improvements in my outlook, patience and confidence all make me a better person.

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